Ethics Principles

Tiger Brands code of ethics covers the following principles:

Leadership through diversity Operating to the highest standards of service and productivity Recruitment and selection Acting responsibly towards society Relationships with customers, suppliers and business partners Gifts and hospitality Contributions to political parties Compliance with laws and regulations Zero tolerance for any form of bribery, corruption or dishonest activities Correct use of group assets and systems Tiger Brands is committed to acting with integrity in everything we do. Consequently we share our Code of Ethics with all our employees via email, this website and by posting it publicly at all facilities. Furthermore, the group intends to develop employee training on the code in the latter part of the 2017 financial year. This will include a range of topics including anti-corruption and bribery.

Fraud risk registers are prepared for all business units and these are monitored by the board risk and sustainability committee on a quarterly basis. Each business unit documents their controls to mitigate these risks.”

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