Nurturing great people


Central to Tiger Brands’ efforts in sustainability are our people. We believe our diverse team possesses the talents and agility to steer us towards a more sustainable tomorrow.

Through various development programmes, we aim to unleash the contributions of our people in solving the challenges we face, by connecting them with opportunities to thrive, grow and innovate.

  • Building our diverse talent base
    We believe there is unlimited potential within our organisation just waiting to be unleashed, and so we focus our efforts on developing our people first. We back up our belief in our people by investing in their training and development through programmes like our Management Trainee and Leadership Development programme that was created to strengthen talent within the business.
  • We invested R60,5 million in training in 2018

    “We plan to continue this focus on our management trainee programme – currently one of the best in the country – to ensure that we attract groom, and retain young talent at Tiger Brands as part of our human capital strategy." - Sinenhlanhla Magagula, Chief HR Officer for Tiger Brands.*

    The Tiger Brands Academy is another way we nurture our people through virtual academies that focus on supply chain, finance, customer, human resources and marketing. It also offers learnerships in manufacturing, logistics, supply chain and management.

    In response to the challenge of unemployment faced by many South Africans, we create opportunities by providing workplace experience for selected candidates in food technology, engineering, marketing, production and operations. These students are then considered for our graduate programme and other entry-level appointments.

    Creating a dynamic, collaborative place for our consumer-obsessed team to thrive requires great leadership and a commitment to developing our leaders. We achieve this through ongoing programmes like the Making Great Leaders and the Crucial Mentoring Conversations programme.

    We recognise that through education we can contribute to transformation in our country, re-igniting our economy and reducing economic inequality. To this end, we have set up the Thulani Trust to provide tertiary education support for children of qualifying black employees. In 2018, we spent R6,3 million on bursaries for 188 students.

  • The Health and Safety Cornerstone
    Organisations can only be truly sustainable when they commit to protecting the safety, health and welfare of their most valued resource: their people.

    At Tiger brands, we embrace health and safety as a cornerstone of a successful and sustainable business, recognising that a business is only as strong as its people. We want to create a productive, positive work environment, where the risk of accidents, injury and exposure to health hazards are minimised. 

    Our focus is on improving safety through the positive behaviour of our people, good facilities management practices and by entrenching safe systems and procedures. 

    We want to know that at the end of a day on the job, our valued employees return home safe, sound, and healthy. To this end, our Employee Wellness support programme offers 24-hour telephonic counselling, and face-to-face professional counselling from psychologists, social workers, dieticians, biokineticists, and financial and legal advisers.
  • Occupational Health Support
    Our on-site clinic services include occupational health support, and limited primary healthcare, free to all permanent and temporary employees on-site. Our clinic in Ashton (Western Cape, South Africa) is also open to the community. We also offer an HIV/Aids management programme and a free advisory and counselling service for all permanent and temporary employees.
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