Nurturing Sustainable Communities


Over the decades Tiger Brands has built a lasting legacy through our well-loved brands but we understand that within the communities where we operate, there is still a long way to go.

We recognise that our success as a sustainable business is directly linked to the well-being of the communities we operate within. Our community is the source of our most valuable asset: our people. We also depend on our communities to buy our products. It is therefore up to us to nurture sustainability within this ecosystem.


R32-million spent on Community Development in 2018

In contributing to the welfare of our communities, we have developed a socio-economic development (SED) strategy that responds to real issues impacting our communities. The SED strategy is integrated into our business objectives and focuses on real – and ever-changing – community needs.

We identify and venture into communities where there is extreme poverty and put programmes in place that allow for meaningful and sustainable change. To this end, we have also prioritised changing processes and systems and creating internal policies.

In creating positive relationships with our host communities, we are also cementing route to market excellence for our brands.

What’s more exciting is that we are participating directly and deliberately on the Government Agenda on Food Security.

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