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Tiger Brands’ food industry service solution introduces name change and innovative brand positioning

The name change reflects the company's dedication to food quality and high-level

customer satisfaction, while its brand positioning expresses the food services
business’ growth and evolution as it continues to expand its service offerings to reach
new markets and customers.

Tiger Brands Food Services Solutions is a key service provider to customers across
the HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants, and Caterers) spectrum and includes business-
to-business(B2B) customers, and institutions such as schools, office parks, and

Tiger Brands Food Service Solutions has experienced a shift in the market,
especially post-Covid. It has proactively adapted to meet the changing needs of its
customers, including the demand for innovative food solutions, the increased focus
on hygiene and safety, and the growing importance of a well-rounded and convenient
basket of products.

“Our commitment to remain at the forefront of delivering exceptional food service
experiences to our valued customers is unwavering. In response to the evolving
market, we have implemented an agile strategy that includes exploring menu
diversification opportunities, enhancing our digital capabilities, and investing in skills

"Food is more than just sustenance. It's a universal language that brings people
together. Our basket is full of the best-quality heritage brands in South Africa and we
are passionate about providing top-quality ingredients for the best meals. Our aim is
for our direct customers and the consumer to ask for our brands by name, whether
they are purchasing as a hotel manager or ordering a meal at a restaurant," says
Luigi Ferrini, Chief Customer Officer, Tiger Brands.

Strategic pillars that support the brand positioning include:

Strategic Partnering, underscoring the business's dedication to deep,
strategic relationships with its end-user; distributors, caterers, hospitals,
institutions, and QSRs.

Integrated Solutions, representing Tiger Brands Food Service Solution's
ability to combine multiple capabilities in tailoring solutions for today's food
service needs.

Data and Insights, highlighting future innovations and digital offerings from
the business to harness the power of South Africa's biggest heritage-driven
commercial food service industry provider.


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